Updates in the portfolio

Considering the results for the last 12 months, it was clear that something had to be done. Taking bad luck and bad runs into account wasn’t enough to explain the poor performance from too many tipsters in the portfolio and considering the time I put in to follow them all it was far from worth it.

So, I’ve made some changes.

Tipsters out

Scottish Football Bets

The results have been decent this season (+2.7% ROI), but the service doesn’t really suit me. It relies too much on low odds bets for my liking and really taking advantage of them requires multiples and therefore access to several soft books, which I don’t have.

Festival Value Service

An oldie but no more a goldie in the portfolio, since the returns (-4.1% ROI) haven’t really lived up to expectations in a long time and my overall strategy to take a break with horse racing makes this one a no-no going forward.


I find this service hard to get my head around really. While they keep beating the closing odds at almost 70% of the time, they’ve either been extremely unlucky lately with their -14.1% ROI or there’s something else going on. I almost broke the betting bank here and with their focus on English football there’s enough overlap with other tipsters that make it reasonable to skip it in the portfolio from now on. I will continue to monitor their results closely though.

Update: BetNimble recently decided to shut down their service, so I guess we’ll never know the true quality of the service. They refunded all yearly payments as stated in their terms though, so fair play to them.

Football Elite

Abandoning Football elite doesn’t make any real impact since the season bets have already been posted, but I won’t include it in the portfolio in the future since I don’t like locking up parts of the betting bank for so long.

Golf Betting Expert

This was definitely the easiest tipster to kick out. After a year of overall poor results where he tried to go PGA only, but gave that one up, got in a dispute with Betting Gods, changed his strategy several times, started a new service on a new tipster platform and being all over the place, but still without making profits. I’m yet to see if I’ll add another golf tipster.

You can see my entire portfolio over here. With fewer tipster and lower odds I’m expecting less volatility and less work but nevertheless more profits. These changes were made mid-February and I hope I’ll have the time to come back soon with an update on how it feels and works out.