2020 so far

Well, we barely got started before this uncomfortable unwanted break from everything came.

2019 in review

It was a strange year betting wise, a year that is a bit hard to draw any bigger conclusions from. I made some costly mistakes, I also made a lot of money before I eventually lost them again.

August review: -31 units (-2.6% ROI)

Nope, it wasn’t meant to be this month either. It was looking good for the most of the month, but a poor last weekend pulled me down below zero, so a few units lost again. My betting bank is well prepared for drawdowns, but it’s quite annoying to keep spending all this time for nothing….

July review: +8.8 units (+0.71% ROI)

The losing run from June never seemed to end and continued long into July, where things finally started going the right way again. Slowly and steadily I made my way back and somehow ended the month in a small profit. I think it’s the biggest downturn I’ve had in the portfolio and I’m glad to…