April review: -124 units (-7.1% ROI)

I got a disappointing email from Betting Gods, where Pro Footy Tips decided to end his services from out out nowhere. Apart from it being unserious and unprofessional, it’s a shame for my personal portfolio as it was a very profitable service to follow. From 450 bets in 13 months, he made 231 units of…

Into 2018

New year, new possibilities. As they say.
I will be making some adjustments in the portfolio for the new year – things I’ve been planning to do for months, just waiting for the new year.

15 000 bets

I just passed 15 000 bets registered at Bettin.gs. They are divided on a quite big amount of tipsters and services, but for some of them I can be pretty sure I’m reaching some kind of statistical significance. Ordered by number of bets, here are the top tipsters based on those 15 013 bets. Nice…

January to June 2016: -569 units (-5.9% ROI)

Looking back at the start of the year the portfolio was far from done, still in experimental mode in many ways with many tipsters coming and going (21 in total during this period) without much of a long term view.