I’ve been fascinated by sports and numbers since I was a kid and been betting on games as long as I’ve legally could. A couple of years ago, as I was increasing the stakes and wanting to take this interest to the next level, I realized I did not really know how good I was. I hadn’t kept track of any of the bets and could only measure my performance by gut feeling, which obviously is a very bad way of dealing with money.

I also realized there were no good ways to track bets unless you set up your own Excel file, which would be fine, but not more than just “fine”. All the services I found were either unreliable of so porly designed I simply refused to even try, so I decided to build a the service I was missing myself, and started

Using I started following up on my own bets as well as trying to evaluate other tipsters and services that claim to be good and kept record of those services.

In April 2015 I “officially” started my own portfolio with the tipsters I found reliable and probable winners to keep in a porfolio and it’s that portfolio that I’m running here. I’m using to keep track of the progress and the plan is to make weekly and monthly reviews of it, primarily for myself, but I’m sure many others are keen to know how it goes and share ideas as well.

You can see what tipsters are currently included at the Portfolio page.

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    1. Nah, it’s an easy service to follow, and a very generous odds policy. The difference with my results is that 1 point in his stats converts to 3 units in mine. So his 73 points would mean 219 units for me.

  1. Hello,

    Since many years you are following tipster’s portfolio, can you tell me what are your year 01, year 02 ect… end figures ?

    Thank you !

      1. Hello !

        Thank you for your reply ! Sorry for late response, I forgot to check.
        So you started your portfolio on April 2015, therefore I considered April 15 to March 16 = year 01 ect..

        And for year 02 (April 16 t March 17): your end year results is +35.9U, and compared to year 01, when you did: +989U. It’s a big difference.

        Can you explain what is the cause of this discrepency ? I’m also runnning a portfolio and I’m studying how we can avoid those situations. So your experience is really precious 🙂

        Thank you in advance for your answer

        1. Yeah, that’s an interesting point. There are no huge differences in the tipsters I followed during that time, but looking closer to the numbers it shows that Jason James had a sensational first 6 months of the first year. As did Badrinath.

          For Badrinath it all went south from there, and I’m not even sure he’s a tipster anymore. Jason James is still very much in business, but haven’t come close to those numbers.

          Why that is. I don’t know but as far as me and my portfolio is concerned, that’s pretty much makes all the difference between those periods.

          1. Thank you for your thoughts 🙂
            I’ll continue to follow your blog with close attention !

  2. Hi Samuel !

    Just read your last blog post, and you’re adding Danilo Pereira to your portfolio, that’s great news. I have him since August 2017, and it’s going great so far.
    I’m just wondering how do you plan to do with the Sao Paulo Youth Cup he’s betting on this month ?

    I can place only the handicap bet

    1. Nice to hear that. I’m trying to get on all AH bets, but it seems hard. Anyway, I’m seeing all bets in January as a bonus. Such a difficult tournament to get any bets matched it seems and the multiples is just impossible to me.

      What other tipsters are in your portfolio?

  3. Yes, it takes me lots of time to get the bets on with this tournament. I’m placing some in live also. But it’s worth it, and its only one month during the year anyway.

    I have a portfolio of 4 tipsters total since August 2017, so I’m patiently waiting for July to have a full year of results 🙂
    -Football Lay profits from SBC
    -FI Strike Zone
    -DD Nba (a french tipster on basketball)

    I have no horse racing tipsters, being limited to exchange and asian books only, I haven’t found any horse racing tipster where price is easy to get on exchanges. Have you ever tried the Morning Value Service Lite of SBC ?
    Low workload service, and they are sending picks during mid-day when the markets are more liquid

  4. Hi Sam,

    Jason James sent an email where he explained that since the beginning of December, he has returned to the older method of choosing horses.. The one that was so profitable before. So maybe you should give him a chance.. The results in January are.. nice 😉

  5. Hi, still no update? The end of March is coming close and you have not posted the comment for February 🙂
    BTW: Jason James is where he was before 🙁

    1. You need to be fast on it to get advice prices, or close. I have a couple of percent lower ROI than his official figures, but still worth it, for me at least.

      1. Tjenare Sam, hur funkar det att följa Nishi med betfair oddsen? Eller är det broker som gäller?

        1. Tja! Lite osäker, men skulle tro att de dyker rätt snabbt. Jag använder Sportmarket, det går snabbast och enklast. Har märkt att oddsen återvänder upp nu på slutet faktiskt, så det kanske funkar ok med Betfair.

  6. Have really enjoyed reading your site and your experiences have just started my own portfolio and am using yours as a blueprint, I only have 5 tipsters/systems I am doing at present which is enough forme at present but like your idea of trialing others to loom to add or replace in the future, my first month I had 157 bets of which I had 68 winners, 43.31 SR and a P&L of 39.29

    1. Nice! Would love to hear more about how it turns out for you and what tipsters you use some day. ?

  7. Hi sam sorry for replying late, I currently only use free systems via Twitter and websites, as well as my own.
    Their progressing nicely and am in profit for March currently thanks again for your insights and im also looking at a few you follow as well to broaden my portfolio.
    Are yiou going updating your site with the latest figures as it would very much interest me.

  8. Hi Sam just to let you know March was a fantastic month for me using a portfolio I have 4 systems I know use had to remove one due to restrictions placing the bets, but the 4 systems have made me 67.90 points profit from 279 bets with a ROI of 24.34%
    Will check back later this month to let you know how im progressing

      1. I have my own system i use, I follow My Little Tip like yourself, also (follow just their Nap & NB selection for UK, US & Greyhounds) and Get Your Tips Out (follow their daily Pick bets priced 3/1 to 8/1 but not their specific selected bets like Nap or Notebook) Im also following a few twitter tipsters whom I am trialing at present.
        Thanks for the interest.

  9. Hi Sam,

    I am a fellow sports trader, struggling currently due to restriction and only have Betfair Exchange to use. I would like to contact you directly to get some insight on your experience, and definitely would like to share mutual ideas. I have noticed you have some tipsters who are in my portfolio too. I cannot find your email, therefore I am contacting you here. If you are willing to help out, please send me an email. Much appreciated.

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