2020 so far

Well, we barely got started before this uncomfortable unwanted break from everything came. The changes I wrote about in my last post has given the portfolio a kind of upswing, so that looks promising going forward.

January was still kind of a bad beat so a few more months are probably needed to get back in black. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too many months before we even get the chance.

Here are the numbers for 2020 so far. Take care out there.

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    1. So far I’ve seen a 2% ROI after a strong post-summer period. Not amazing, but profits at least.

      Sad to say my motivation for the blog seems to be a bit lower… :/

  1. What bankroll strategy you use? Flat staking for specific tipster as seen in your bettin.gs page? How often do you update your betting size? (Daily;montly;yearly?)
    Sorry for bothering if you already made a blog about it, just trying to get as much info as I can, before investing myself.

    1. Some tipster use flat stakes, other use a scale. In the portfolio I use a 1-10 unit scale and I translate each tipster’s stake to fit my portfolio with regards to risk management and weighting. For example tipsters that use flat stakes and bet around evens become 5 units bets in my portfolio.

      1. Have you modelled what different staking %s would do to overall ROI? I’d also be very keen on a 2020 recap if you had plans to make one.

        As someone who is doing this exact type of thing now I’d be keen to understand/share knowledge,

        1. I haven’t, no, but i would definitely be an interesting exercise!

          I’ll try to find the time for another update. 🙂

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