September and October review: +43 units (+1.9% ROI)

Graphs for September and October 2019

It’s been a while since my last confession. Luckily the irritating trend of red numbers have turned upwards again and at least October’s numbers look rather healthy.

Most tipsters are back to business as usual, even if On The Oche found a rare losing run in October. It’s also been a while since Golf Betting Expert found a winner, but other than that, a nice period of bets.


The Betting Man

I’m not sure it’s any reason for anything, but I’ve decided to quit my biggest annoyance The Betting Man prematurely. I just ran out of hope he’ll ever be profitable for me. So if you’re looking for a winning tipster, now is probably the perfect timing to sign up for him. 😉

He finished his era in the portfolio with just a unit up. If we sum up his total performance, he’s down -83 units with and ROI of -4.2% ROI and -55.5% ROC. Good riddance.

Festival Value Service

This includes the free Value Service bets you get as a Smart Betting club member as well, and those numbers were fantastic in October. Those fantastic numbers lifted the service from a pretty poor Festival service results.

This is also the only horse racing tipster in the portfolio going forward, and I feel very comfortable with that.

Scottish Football Bets

This has turned into a pretty active service, since expanding the horizons outside Scotland. If the numbers continues to show profit like this, I’m quite fine with that. 14 units in from 105 bets.

Nishi Kori

Nothing exciting to see here really. Quite few bets, but also a small loss.

Golf Betting Expert

There’s no shortage of place results from the picks, but it’s been a while nice the last winner. It would feel quite nice to get a spike in the results, but until  then, we keep grinding the tournaments week by week.


This is a very interesting service to follow if you ask me. The results haven’t been that very impressive so far, but looking at the closing odds compared to what I’m betting at it’s clear how they’re absolutely crushing them from time to time. If that continues it’s clear that they either know a lot or are betting at the same markets as someone who knows a lot. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, for sure.

On The Oche

The most reliable service by far if you look at the history. Once in a while a losing run hits even the best ones and that’s what happened here for a short period of time, 10 bets or something.

What’s worse is that I’ve been limited at my favorite darts bookie to a point that it’s almost impossible to get any decent bets on.

Fut Unver

A decent start to the season for Fut Unver. Fingers crossed he keeps grinding away those home wins for the rest of the season as well.

DD Pronostics

A fantastic start to the basketball season. My target for the service is 5% ROI and with a start like this, that should absolutely be within reach.


A few bets, a few units down. The season has just started for this service and I expect more action further down the road. No reason for any deeper analysis just yet.


The greatest thing with this little table is that horse racing shows profit.

In other news

If everything goes according to plan I’m going to add another football tipster in December. I’ve been tracking results and odds movements and availability for a while and it’s checking all boxes so far. More details later…

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