July review: -44 units (-4% ROI)

Graph of results July 2019

July sees the fourth straight losing month for the portfolio, which probably is the longest downturn so far. The end of the month seemed to lead the way out of it, but it wasn’t enough to keep the month from staying in the red. Luckily, I’m still in profit for the year and I both hope and belive better times are ahead.


Nishi Kori was the star of the show, showing a healthy profit of 57.1 units ( 13.8% ROI). On The Oche also showed green numbers with 6.8 units in profit ( 16.2% ROI). Only 9 bets from him though.

Horse racing once again gave me something to think about as The Betting Man lost 42.7 units (-17.9% ROI) and Festival Value Service lost 20.4 units (-36.4% ROI).

There was not a lot more than a few places to cheer about when it comes to golf. Golf Betting Expert was down 30 units (-46.8% ROI). Football season has finally started and I’ve re-added Scottish Football Bets to the portfolio after a few years out of it. He started with a minor loss of 3.7 units (-1.6% ROI) from 53 bets.

I’ve been forced to remove Trade on Sports from the portfolio due to the tragic fact that I don’t have any exchanges to place the lay bets on anymore. Smarkets and Matchbook never bothered to get a Swedish license at the new year and Betfair recently made the decision to remove all tennis markets for their Swedish customers due to uncertainty about making betting markets available when underaged players are competing (there are quite a few 17 y.o.). I think it’s a weird decision and I hope the markets will return, but until then I need to remove Trade On Sports, or possibly get access to Betfair in another way.

New tipsters

I’ve added a couple of football tipsters for the new season:
– BetNimble is a service I tracked during the last season with impressive results. I look forward to following their tips for real the upcoming season.
– Football Elite is a service I followed many years ago, which nowadays only offers antepost bets from the English leagues. The impact on the portfolio will be very small and the results won’t show until the end of the season.
– Winabobatoo is back. This season is a bit of a special one as there will be more like a traditional betting service, sending out recommended bets, as opposed to the information packed Winabobatoo magazines.

In other news

I’m constantly tracking new potential tipsters and while I’m torn between giving up on horse racing in full or stay with my services and potentially add a couple of others that are showing fine results, I’m just gonna keep it as it is for a while – probably until the subscriptions to all services run out.

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