June review: -91 units (-12,2% ROI)

Graph for June 2019

Nope, my portfolio can’t catch a break for the moment. June was down another 91 units and the profits from March has been more or less been erased. This time The Betting Man started his recovery while all other tipsters showed losses.

It’s frustrating, annoying and outright  boring to keep placing all these bets, just waiting for the trends to turn. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that it will turn but it’s a lot of work for nothing while the downturn lasts.


Not much more to say really. For once it was nice to have some racing tipsters in the portfolio. Golf Betting Tipster had a losing month, but all it takes is one winner from him to turn the entire portfolio result around. It’s a weird sport to follow like that. Big winners, but far between.

Trade On Sports hasn’t had a great start since his entry to the portfolio, but I like the setup of the service and I’ve started to follow their football bets as well from July.

I’ve also adjusted the staking for both Nishi Kori and Fut Unver down a bit to balance the portfolio a little better.

On The Oche also showed red numbers, and that’s not often. When it rains, it pours…

Summer time

I expect July and August to be quite slow months before all action breaks loose in September, but I’ll add a few football tipsters already for July, as I’ve already decided to add them and they’re betting a bit on friendly games and other games that are on during the summer.

Once the seasons get underway I expect more action and with a few new tipsters, there will be more volume and if everything goes as it should, less volatility. Until then, let’s enjoy the summer.

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  1. Hi Sam, this year is weird, indeed. Many racing tipsters are struggling and it is funny to see the followers giving up. The Betting Man seemed to be very determined and ambitous with his pricing policy and look where he is now. 20pts up since beginning of November with an awful drawdown. I think he depleted the 100pt bank! The price was set at about 1400GBP/year?
    Another services by Jon Roberts looked like they would double.. triple.. your bank in few months. And all I got were emails about the never-happened-before results, termination of few services, new “this-time-it-will-work” services (struggling again) etc.
    I wish I could see all the tipsters in our portfolio to fare well for at least one month. How nice this would be 🙂

    1. Hi! Just wanted to clarify that The Betting Man had a bad losing run indeed but I don’t think the 100 pts bank has been depleted. I am looking at the official results now (from November) and the worse drawdown was -21,37 pts. However, if I look at the Drawdown column in my Bettin.gs stats, worse drawdown is -71 pts but that seems high to me. Not sure if the numbers are reliable. Also, SBC are actually recommending a 150 pts bank for this tipster, which I do. I still have a 16% ROI long term from him.

      Yeah, I was also following one of Jon Roberts services and that was my worse results ever for a tipster. Terrible! Bank was totally depleted. My worse choice ever! 🙂

      I am now following only SBC HOF tipsters, the exception being Overpriced Horse TIps, who I have been following for almost 2 years now with excellent results (long term ROI of 26%; my highest performer).


      1. Hopefully long term the numbers will show profits, but I’m not sure. From his own words: “The suggested betting bank the mainline service is 100 points although 60 should easily suffice.”

        I’m pretty sure he’s gone beyond the 60 pts, even if I also suspect the drawdown numbers at Bettin.gs is’nt 100% correct. Even that he’s misjudged his betting bank after all these years as a professional gambler says something to me…

        1. Yeah, I see your point! To be honest, I kind of felt that his results in 2018 were way too high to be maintained long term so I took the “100 points profit subscription” and I’m glad I did; a correction was definitely due and it did happened…the other reason I was cautious was the short history; compared to the other Racing tipsters in my portfolio (Overpriced, Value Bettor, Quentin Franks, CD System, Northern Monkey, MVS…) the number of proofed tips was still a little too low to have total confidence. Nevetheless, I still feel like the guy knows his stuff. But like you said, time will tell…

          1. Yup! I broke my own rules and signed up for this service before ha had proven worthy and now i feel it’s down to luck to see if it was a good move or not. Fingers crossed. Your racing portfolio seems a bit more reliable!

    2. Yeah… The weird thing is that this happens all the time. What bugs me is that I don’t know yet if I made the rookie mistake to be carried away with the hype or if it’s just really bad timing. “Luckily” I got on before I had to pay full price, but still – I don’t feel confident it’s a good service to follow. Had it been football or something I know more about I could have made that judgment more easily. Time will tell!

      1. Hey guys, what about creating some Telegram chat or something to discuss this 🙂 We can share the tipster losers and winners as I think we have common approach.
        The Betting Man was full of confidence stating how he cannot place bets so he made this service… OK, why not. Even Quentin Franks had a miserable period (in fact two) that lasted long.. I am too subscribed to 100pts but what makes me worried is that I am lowering the stakes (rookie mistake) as the recovery is not persuasive…
        I started bets2profit, looks like an interesting value for money service 🙂

          1. OK, please make it possible for us to write something. It is probably “read only” now 🙂

          2. Hello,

            My opinion (and I might be wrong) is that lowering stakes is probably a mistake. After years doing that and quite a few misteps myself, I realised that the reasons so many people are losing money with sport betting is because of psychology and the lack of consistency; for exemple, frequently stopping and starting too many tipsters/strategies, changing to higher stakes after a good period (which mean you will lose more when the unavoidable bad run comes), lowering stakes after a bad run (which mean you will miss on the eventual recovery), chasing loses, etc.

            When I stopped overthinking (and I did that a lot!), stopped dancing from a tipster to another and became more “emotionally detached” from my betting, my ROI started to gradually rise. Yes, sometime you might have very bad runs (in 2016, my entire year was only break even due to a massive bad run and I almost stopped) but I feel that in the long term, that’s the only way to succeed.

            Overpriced Horse Tips recently had a terrible run from October to last January but I kept betting (the guy have been around since 2012) and now, since February, I made a 88 pts profit (level stakes) from him with a 71% ROI! That’s how it works with racing most of the time; long period of loses and then, suddenly, big spikes of profits. Of course, a 71% ROI is not sustainable long term but it make up for the 4 previous terrible months…

            With The Betting Man, I am 138 pts in profit (adviced stakes) with a 16% ROI. So, even though the last few months were not so great, it’s far from being the worse run I had with a profitable tipster.

            Last year, a friend of mine was very worry about a losing run he was experiencing and he asked me for advice and I told him that in some ways, I like losing runs; or at the very least, I respect them! He asked me why and I answered “because losing runs are what make the difference between me and a losing punter! When you are winning, it’s easy to keep doing what you’re doing! But it’s how you behave when you are losing that will determine if you lose of win in the long term”.

            Now, like I said, I mostly follow tipsters that are HOF in the Smart Betting Club (the only exceptions being the already mentioned Overpriced tips and I also place small stakes on Stephen Harris’ free Value Angle because I started with him years ago), because most of them have a big enough history of proofed tips and have been around quite a long time.

            Hope it helps and that my reply is not too long…and sorry if my English is not perfect; not my native language! 😉

            I am not familiar with Telegram; will check it out!


          3. Thanks for that post. I absolutely agree. If you lower your stakes after a losing run, you will miss out on the profits once it turns and you will inevitably find yourself in a losing spiral.

            It’s probably easier if you’ve followed the tipster for a while than when it’s a new one, but nevertheless I look forward to the upturn!

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