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April review: -122 units (-4,9% ROI)

Well, the betting gods, or variance, or karma, or whatever you may call it sure took back some of the glory from March. Most tipsters failed to make a profit and it was never really close to being a profitable month.

554 bets is a lot. Almost half of them are baseball bets. Almost half of the losses came there as well, so it’s safe to say we’re not really off to a flying start of the season when it comes to baseball.


Clear Data Sports, who are the ones delivering the baseball tips, were down 57,4 units. The new service Trade On Sports were down 23,1 units and Master Racing Tipster kept losing so much that I finally gave up on him after another 30 units lost. That service is no longer left in the portfolio. It seems I went out just in time, as the losses kept coming for the rest of the month as well. Perhaps he’ll come back to the line up someday, we’ll see. It’s the longest followed service in the portfolio, so quite sad to see him go.

Even On The Oche showed red numbers, as did Golf Betting Expert, Festival Value Service and my recent new tipster The Betting Man, who I have so high expectations for. He hasn’t delivered at all during the short period of time so far, so it’d better turn around soon.

When it comes to Clear Data Sports, I’m gonna have a close look on the numbers the upcoming month. I’ve got a bank of 100 units assigned to the service and I will use that as a stop loss limit. Should the losses keep coming in the same pace, there is probably no reason I should continue following. It’s a very labour intensive service to follow.


As you know, I’m finding it very frustrating every time I see losses accumulating from horse racing, and this month this was the case. April would be nicer without it, but then again the losses will be long forgotten as soon as the numbers turn green again.


There must be som curse for me when it comes to Betfair. I need to look in to history to see how bad it actually is compared to other bookies. Sometimes the bets feel lost beforehand, knowing it’s Betfair I use to place them. 😉

2 thoughts on “April review: -122 units (-4,9% ROI)”

  1. Hey there, I’ve been reading through your blog for the past few days. Thanks for putting together all of this content!

    I did have one question though. I noticed that Swingform left your portfolio after December, but there isn’t a mention of why – have you actually stopped following Swingform? What made you make that decision?


    1. Yup, I stopped following, mostly since I just want one golf tipster in my portfolio. Having two of them meant a too big betting bank and too big swings, as is the case for golf tipsters.

      I probably followed for a too short time to give a recommendation about anything, but it just might be a profitable service to follow.

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