January + February review: +112 units (+4.3% ROI)

It seems like I have to sum up two months at once since I can’t seem to get the updates out in time. I blame my two little girls, other work and life in general.

Seriously, I honestly do appreciate the feedback and questions I get about both this blog and about Bettin.gs. I try to get at least one update written every month, but still the other life seems to get in the way one way or another.

Anyway, enough with excuses and onto the update. It’s been a decent start of the year.

January + February 2019
January 2019
February 2019


Nishi Kori and Fut Unver – my two Pyckio tipsters – are keeping the flags high and are the most busy tipsters these months and luckily, they’ve been profitable. 150 units in profit is pretty close to what I expect the portfolio to generate in total over two months, and these guys did it themselves.

Golf Betting Expert has also found a few winners, as did Festival Value Service and On The Oche. These would cover up for The Betting Man and Master Racing Tipster, who had a bit more tough time.

I’ve got two takeaways from this month. The first one is that my patience with horse racing tipsters is very small, dues to the fact that I know so little about the sport, so when they don’t deliver I find it hard to deal with psychologically. I was almost about to kick Master Racing Tipster out, but then I, as I often do, look back over the long term results and changed my mind. That service has a long history in the portfolio so it’s not hard to convince myself to keep him a while longer. Note to self: Go back and check the long term results more often.

Pro Footy Tips has had a disastrous time since he left Betting Gods and partnered with Blogabet instead. Now the tips seem to have stopped entirely, which in my world makes both Blogabet and Pro Footy Tips seem quite unreliable. I also find Blogabet a bit hard to use, so kind of good riddance I guess. Maybe it’s the designer in me but I find even the most basic interface on that site extremely hard to understand.

With that said, Po Footy Tipster is out of the portfolio, which makes Fut Unver the only football tipster at the moment. Who would have thought… I’ve got a few lined up in my trial account so there might be a more busy next season but I won’t upgrade them into the portfolio just yet.

Staking changes

I’ve decided to up the stake for Nishi Kori and Fut Unver from March. They’re performing so well so I need to take advantage of it to make the most of the services. I’ve got some other staking changes coming up as well, but I haven’t decided if I should wait for the next season for them or not. I probably will.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Cheers!

4 Replies to “January + February review: +112 units (+4.3% ROI)”

  1. Nice months, 112 units are all of good!
    Very sad to see such a good tipster like Geir struggling with ProFooty; he is (or perhaps was) a good one..
    At the same time happy to see you included Betting Man (for me one of the best right now on the horse racing, and I am like you, knowing anything of the horses…)

    And, as always, awesome results from Fut Unver (i checked it on the Pyckio site but it’s too way expensive for me at the moment).

    Have a nice betting, Sam!

    1. Thanks. Still waiting for the big profits from Betting Man, but still early days for me. March is looking good too so far. Will update after the weekend.

      1. Hi Sam, how did you get into the closed group of Betting Man? 😉
        He wiped out my whole balance so that I had to deposit several times.. Now I hope he is finally back 🙂 Anyway, I really like the option to subscribe to pts profit rather than montly payments, as most service I followed totally failed.

        1. Haha, I guess I was just quick enough. Bad timing to start the payed subscription with a losing streak, but I’m hoping he’ll keep it green from now on since it not a cheap service to follow, for sure. So far, the pay for profits has been good for you I guess. 🙂

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