November review: -31.5 units (-2.35% ROI)

After the very nice October it went a bit downhill in November. My golfing tipsters had a rough time which has made me think more than twice about how much impact they have on the portfolio in the short term, and perhaps more importantly what impact it has to me psychologically. Probably gonna to something on that front for the new year.

Results for November 2018.


Fut Unver is making it hard for me to say anything less that he’s my absolute top tipster at the moment and has been for a while. He’s on a 15% ROI from 274 bets right now!

It was a pretty nice month in general except for the golfers, as mentioned. Also, tennis season is over, as is baseball season and more or less golf season from now on.

The world championships of darts is coming in December though, so more action to be expected from On The Oche. looking forward to that.

Results per tipster for November 2018.


Here’s to a nice ending to the year. I hope you’ve all had a profitable 2018 so far!

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