September review: -31 units (-1.77% ROI)

Late report, apologies, but life puzzle kids work yada yada yada…

A decent month if it wasn’t for the golf. That sport has a huge impact on the portfolio’s result, given two tipsters with the high highs and low lows as it is. This month it tipped the scale over to the red side unfortunately. I’m probably gonna reduce that to one to reduce a bit of the variance.

Results for September 2018.
Results for September 2018.

I’ve been betting on MLB for half of this this season, counting on pretty high turnover and not as high ROI. Last month resulted in a 4.33 units profit and an ROI of +0.98%. All bets I’ve been on shows a loss of 21.5 units and an ROI of -1.68%. Not very impressive and it’s unlikely the result will be back in black before the season ends, but I’m happy enough with the service from Clear Data Sports to be willing to try it again next season. Also excited to see how my numbers stands against their own and what their analysis sounds like. There’s no shortage of openness and analysis from these guys so it’s almost worth to follow the service just to get an insight to their process.


Tipsters results Septenber 2018

Fut Unver has started the football season in style. It has shown to be a reliable service so far, with a clear strategy and solid results. Up 88 units from 62 bets with an ROI of +28.5%!

Master Racing Tipster had a rough month with a strike rate below 20%. For other horse racing tipsters that wouldn’t be so bad, but for someone relying on the shorter odds it’s expensive. Down almost 47 units (-41.2% ROI).

On The Oche had a great month with 28 units up (+46% ROI) and my own bets showed +16 units and an ROI of 21.3%. If only there were more dart markets to bet at OTO would be a very lucrative service to follow.

Nishi Kori had a rough month, Pro Footy tips has barely started and Swingform is just grinding on.

Danilo Pereira had a winning month, gladly. His numbers have been far from as impressive as I’ve expected, but that mostly due to his poor performance when it comes to internationals. I’d be better off just following his Brazilian domestic tips.

In other news…

Over at I’ve improved the possibilities to manage tipsters. For example, it’s now possible to add a starting bank that will be used later on to calculate Return on Capital. That’s a number that I’m very curious about and eager to apply on this portfolio.

You can also add notes per tipster and more nitty gritty stuff.

That’s all for now. Over and out!

6 thoughts on “September review: -31 units (-1.77% ROI)”

      1. LOL, I am just interested how you are doing. My tipsters busted in October-November, with losses at horse racing and football too. Now I focus on only one horse racing tipster, the Betting man. Looks really good…
        Anyway, good luck!

        1. Oh, really? What tipsters were you following? October was very nice for me, November wasn’t that nice.

          1. Well I followed few services promoted by Secret Betting Club – Racing Bet Profits seemed like a nice service.. until it lost 120 points in two months. OK, the bank is 150-200 points but still… Same with their other service, Racing Lay Profits. Maybe I was not patient enough, but with prices 37 and 47GBP/month, I was not very pleased. What I earned in months before, I lost in few weeks.
            I also followed Winning Machine service.. For 96GBP monthly! Unfortunately it did not deliver what I expected from such expensive service…

            For football, I decided not to follow Danilo Pereira even though I am subscribed for one year. I stopped it in April… I expected it to be more consistent 🙁
            I follow bank builder services of Jon Roberts. Looks promising even though one cycle lost 99% of the bank. Other cycles (100% ROC) were completed…

          2. Wow, that sounds horrible. I’m also gonna leave Danilo Pereira now that the season’s ended. Poor results, and even if I’m interested in seeing how he fares in the future it seems very odd that he’s suddenly gonna go into European markets and see if that works out better.

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