July review: +8.8 units (+0.71% ROI)

Portfolio performance July 2018

The losing run from June never seemed to end and continued long into July, where things finally started going the right way again. Slowly and steadily I made my way back and somehow ended the month in a small profit.

I think it’s the biggest downturn I’ve had in the portfolio and I’m glad to see how my bankroll handled it. I’d love to compare downturns over time – probably something I’ll need to build into Bettin.gs!

July 2018 numbers
July 2018


Danilo Pereira came back in style with 73 units won and an ROI of almost 49% and Nishi Kori was a solid service to lean on as it was the most active one with 77 bets. 37 units and +9.7% ROI from him.

On the other end of the spectra we find Golf Betting Expert who had another losing month, as well as Master Racing Tipster whose winning run has clearly come to and end.

I’ve added the baseball service I’ve been having on trial for a while. I thought half way into the MLB season would be a good time for that and while the first 69 bets hasn’t shown profit, I’m excited to see what it’ll bring. It’s Clear Data Sports, an American service based on a few different models in different sports.

Tipsters July 2018
Tipsters July 2018

In other news…

All leagues are ramping up and football is here again. Expecting quite a few more bets than the 328 this month.

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