June review: -51 units (-4% ROI)

Not much time for analyzing unfortunately due to reasons, but I did not expect June to end in red after going +100 units the first week. What a terrible run I’m on at the moment.


A quick look at the tipster table shows what’s going on. No luck with the golf (been a while now), and I had a terrible world cup with my own bets, but above all – Danilo Pereira with another huge losing month after some horrendous tipping. Almost 76 units down for an ROI at -22.6%. Quite an achievement at those odds (2.17 on average) from 62 bets.

In other news

Bet Alchemist is out of the portfolio. I’ve mentioned before that I’m finding it hard to motivate betting on horses, and I’ve never really found a way to place his bets (each-eay or win only) that’s felt suitable for me. Plus he only publishes his tips on a website that sucks balls to navigate. A good horse tipster in the long run though for sure, but it’s not for me.

This leaves me with just 7 tipsters in the portfolio which leaves room for at least one or two more. I’ve got two lined up among my tipsters on trial, but if you have any tips whatsoever, feel free to add a comment. Cheers.

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  1. Hi Samuel,

    it seems to see my month (https://bettin.gs/18rino84/stats): an incredible start (first 10 days were beautiful) and then a tremendous drawdown… Hoping for a better July.

    For new tipster, I recently subscribed to the full portfolio of Football Advisor (www.footballadvisor.net), and, despite June’s results, I like how the service’s run and odds availibility in the major bookies.
    From SBC I have added to my portfolio Betting Man (free horse racing tipster); he has good past results and is continuing in his nice form…

    Good luck for mext months..

    Oh, I was forgetting: next month Geir (former Pro Footy Tips) I think you know it ;), will start his new service…I think you can be interested…


    1. Thanks, happy to hear about Geir. Will absolutely keep an eye on that one.

      Will check out the Football Advisor service as well. Cheers and good luck!

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