March review: +34 units (+2,45% ROI)

Another month in the books and it was one with many faces. The best face was the fact that Bet Alchemist absolutely crushed it at Cheltenham – that big horse racing event that everyone into horse racing is talking about. I’m more into the results and I was just as happy with that.

The sad face is the golf face. My two tipsters in that area can’t seem to hit a fairway at the moment. Such is golf betting though, but I hope luck will turn soon.


General stats March 2018


Stats per sport March 2018


I finally added a tennis tipster. I decided to go for “Nishi Kori” from, as he passed all my tests after a pretty short test period, is a hall of famer at the Secret Betting Club and has gotten nice review from them. He introduced himself in the best possible way, with 134 units in profits the first month!

A more worrying trend is that Football Investor is having a tough season with just around +3% ROI so far. March ended 81 units down.

Stats per tipster March 2018

As I was trialing Nishi Kori, I stumbled upon another very interesting tipster at Pyckio – Fut Unver and the more I saw from him the more I liked it. The betting strategy, the results, and ont least that I was able to get even better odds than he quoted I decided to actually take him onboard. This was not planned, but there’s too much to like about him not to. He will be in the portfolio from April 1st (no joke).

This means I’m currently following 10 tipsters, which is practically the max I’ve set for myself to actually run this portfolio in a convenient way. That said, I do still have a few more on my radar…

All in all, I was hoping for a better ending for the month, but still – profit. Let’s hope April brings even more of that.

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  1. How is it going with Nishi Kori I was looking at that tipster but price concerns me.

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