January review: -4 units (-0,34% ROI)

A first month of the year that doesn’t leave too many remarks. The new year started out great, with a busy start with loads of bets from smaller football tournaments in Brazil primarily.

Sadly, a blood red weekend awaited, wiping out all the profits in just a few days. The rest of the month was about recovery from that and in the end the portfolio ended up at break-even.

January 2018
January 2018

320 bets in total, 1181 units stakes, a strike rate of about 28%, all ending up with a break-even game.


Tipsters January 2018
Tipsters January 2018

Good month for Bet Alchemist, Football Investor and Danilo Pereira, while the others seemed to underperform. My personal bets were among the worst. A case of hubris after the sweet results lately or just a regression to the mean?

In other news

February will be mostly about grinding the bets out, but it’ll be a shorter month than normal as I’ll be going to Thailand for a couple of weeks and have no plans to place any bets during that time. After all, I’m on vacation…

I’ve also more or less decided to add a tennis tipster I’ve been keeping an eye on. That has to wait until March though, as long as the good performance keeps the same high level until then.

That’s all. Onwards and upwards.

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