December review: +156 units (+11,8% ROI)

An excellent end of the year with pretty much all sports performing well. This concludes a betting year that I’ll try to sum up in a separate blog post, but until then, here are the numbers for December.

A total of 378 bets shows that this portfolio thing can be quite busy, not least during the holidays. The ROI is great for the second month in a row. Something that makes me really look forward to 2018. There will be some changes in the portfolio (more on that in yet another blog post), but hopefully that will make the numbers even better.


I might have been a bit too active with my personal tips this month. 74 of them is a bit too much as I don’t want to be the most active tipster in my own portfolio. I’m going to be more selective going forward.

It’s also a bit ironic that Jason James had such a great month just as I decided to remove him from the portfolio together with All Weather Profits, while Master Racing Tipster and Bet Alchemist, the two horse racing tipsters I’ve decided to keep had such a lousy month.

I’m glad I decided to keep On The Oche though, as he had a great PDC World Championship.

Football Investor continues his great form together with Pro Footy Tips, while I’m still struggling to really find the best way to use Winabobatoo’s numbers. Still don’t know how to get around this, but there’s still time to test some new options before the season’s over.


The ice hockey bets are all my own, and that’s where my own bets continue to shine. In 2018, the horse racing category won’t be that dominant.

In other news

More about the changes I’m making in 2018 in another blog post, as I mentioned. There are some new tipsters coming in, others leaving and some changes in my staking plan. There will also be another post summing up 2018.

Stay tuned.

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