November review: +149.8 units (+12.5% ROI)


Time flies, and I almost forgot to post the review for last month. That would be a shame, because it was a good month.

November 2017
November 2017


It started out pretty much like the previous months though, so I was almost preparing for a few weeks of struggling after the initial success.

In the end, it turned out just alright with the golfing being the top performing sport, like it usually is when a winner is found. On the more negative side, my busiest horse racing tipsters are once again the ones that perform the worst.

Graph for november 2017 


Decent numbers all overs, only horse racing failing to make a profit (except for the one ice hockey bet).


Looking a bit closer at the tipsters section, it’s Jason James and All Weather Profits that stands for the major part of the red numbers. It’s a bit worrying and at least one of them will be part of some changes I’m planning to make for the new year. More on that later this month.

Pro Footy Tips, Golf Betting Expert and Master Racing Tipster – all from the Betting Gods network – had splendid months. As had Bet Alchemist, who’s had a few very nice first months here in the portfolio.

On the Oche is such a nice service to follow, but the bets are quite few and far between, so I’m not sure how to do it next year. Need to decide in the next few days.

Not a lot of success among the English football tipsters (Winabobatoo and Football Investor) this month, while my own 32 bets showed a healthy +10.5% ROI.


In other news

All in all I staked 1200 units with a strike rate of 27.5%. A bit lower in both units and percent than expected. I haven’t dug more into why that is though. That’s for another time.


That’s all for now. Cheers!

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