September review: +88.5 units (+7.54%)

88 units is pretty close to what I’m aiming for per month, so just looking at the numbers I’m happy. There is more to see if you look a bit closer though.

One of the first thing that happened this September was that I managed to lay France as they got a draw against Luxembourg, which meant 100 units profit in one move. A nice play (I love laying ridiculously huge favorites) that I’m very happy with, but that also means I personally pulled off all the profit myself this month and that’s not how this portfolio thing is suppose to work.


Looking a little closer at the numbers per tipster, this is how it looks:

I’ve missed a couple of winning bets from Jason James, so there’s room for improvement there. Golf Betting Expert found a 75 odds winner, which made up  much of the month’s profit and notably Pro Footy Tips had a lovely football month.

The same can’t be said for Football Investor and Winabobatoo, who has had a car crash opening of the season. Luckily it’s super early still.

Bet Alchemist lost a few units, but nothing spectacular about that. He’s a had a cracking period so far so that’s nothing unexpected.

In other news…

Ice hockey season has started and I’ve got a new favorite live betting strategies that has shown to be very successful so far. I need more time to see if it holds up over time, but nevertheless it’s great to have hockey going again.

All in all a decent month in many ways and still many ways to improve. Here’s to the next one, it’s time for high season!

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