August review: -11,7 units (-1,2% ROI)

Currently there are 9 tipsters in the portfolio. More than half of them are betting in the higher odds range, which means there are, and always will be, high swings (up and downs) when it comes to results and, consequently, the bankroll. 

August was a prime example of this, as the first week saw a steady growth and was followed by two and a half week of constant losses, which in turn was followed by a massive weekend that basically turned everything around. In the end the month ended in a small loss, which isn’t too bad considering how hopeless things felt during the long downturn.

I’ve said it before, and I say it again; Two of the most important thing with managing a betting portfolio is the long term view and bankroll management.

Here are the numbers for the month:

September means football season ramping up so we will absolutely see an increase in the number of bets. The strike rate will hopefully go up as well, as football betting usually are in the lower odds range. 


Looking at sports it’s quite easy to see where the losses came from mainly. Golf Betting Expert, who has delivered excellent results previously had a tough month for once. Just 3 won bets from 62 is a bit extreme of course, but again – long term.


Horse racing actually produced a profit, but looking a bit closer that’s much thanks to the newest tipster on the block – Bet Alchemist.

Jason James also had a very nice month, and the official numbers are even better. Sadly I was offline in the Nordic mountains and missed out on 25 units of profit that weekend. Cest la vie.

Master Racing Tipster had a rare dip in performance, as had All Weather Profits. Pro Footy Tips delivered some nice number in the end of the month, including an outsider double during that fantastic weekend I mentioned and helped save the month.

All in all, a very interesting month in many ways and I’m looking forward to the next one which will include more football. 

In other news…

I’ve had the opportunity to do some own trading this month which showed excellent results. I’m hoping these numbers are a sign of something good to come and that I will find the time to actually sit down and do it again many times during the upcoming football season.

That’s all for now. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “August review: -11,7 units (-1,2% ROI)”

  1. I understand you use the exchanges for horse racing? Have you discussed adjustments you’ve made for the services to adapt from bookmakers to exchange in any post? Because they are bookmaker services really, or?

    1. And all tipsters use a fair odds policy, based on broadly available odds so you could quite easily get better results with access to BOG bookies or on the exchanges. Especially golf is easier to get on higher odds on the exchanges, at least for the bigger tournament.

    1. Well, Master Racing Tipster sends out tips early, so those odds are very hard to get on. Jason James and Bet Alchemist is normally no problem at all and All Weather Racing are actually advising bets to BSP so that one is optimized for exchanges (and could easily be improved by betting just before the off instead of sharing the starting price with others.

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