Halfway through February: +73.6 units (+6.36% ROI)

A little bit more than halfway through the coldest month of the year, and it’s been a solid one so far. A little above target and a very nice curve to look at, apart from the dreadful few days at the start.

Performance vs expectations

There’s not much to say really. Basically all numbers are pretty much on target.

Here’s what my monthly plan, or expectations, looks like per month if you take an average from all tipsters. Compare it with the numbers image below.


Number of bets: 530
Total stake: 1865 units
Avg. stake: 3,6 units
Strike rate: 29%
Avg. odds: 8,7
ROI: +6,5%
Result: +120 units

February so far

Your stats | Bettin.gs.png

Your stats | Bettin.gs.png


Horse racing is back on track, and reducing the number of football bets feels like the way to go. The few selected bets have shown a profit. Golf has had no luck yet this month, but high highs and low lows are expected there, so no worries.

Your stats | Bettin.gs.png


When it comes to tipsters, only Flat Racing Master has had a tough month, apart from the golfers. Apart from that, there are quite a few numbers that are nice to read.

Your stats | Bettin.gs.png


I’m going to have to do a couple of changes in the portfolio. Sadly, I’m finding it too difficult to get on decent available odds for Quentin Frank Racing, so I’m replacing him with two other ones that I’ve been monitoring after being tipped about them and got a nice introduction offer. The new ones are Value Racing Tips from the Betting Gods network, the other one is All Weather Profits. Both of them horse racing tipsters that have gotten decent recommendations and reviews.

The American sports system I’m evaluating hasn’t quite convinced me yet. I might pass for now, although it would be good to have those sports in there for Bettin.gs testing purposes at least. We’ll see how it goes. It’s a very active service, so I might use selected parts of it.

In other news…

Not much luck with my own live bets lately. Been placing a couple of questionable bets, sure, but mostly it’s the lack of upsets in the games that I’ve been involved that’s done me no good.

Excited to see how the rest of the month shapes up. There are no guarantees that, but here’s to hoping.

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