January review: -64 units (-3.3% ROI)

A strange month of betting, as everything was on track the first couple of weeks before everything went south for 10 days followed by a decent revenge the last few days.

All in all I should be pretty happy with reducing the losses as well as I did, but these runs of losing bets feels very strange considering the number of bets I place in so many different sports from so many tipsters.

All in all the losses could be tracked to a couple of unsuccessful tipsters, while most others could be placed somewhere in the region of what could be expected in a less successful month. It would feel really nice with a good February to get into winning ways at the start of the year.

Stats per sport January 2017
Stats per sport January 2017

Football (-15.6 units, -4.1% ROI)

I barely expect any results from football anymore and the number of bets will decrease significally from February. I will be extremely selective with Winabobatoo bets, while continuing to follow Mr Odds.

Horse Racing (-71.0 units, -7.41% ROI)


The new tipsterI upgraded to the official portfolio, Flat Racing Master, didn’t have a nice first month with -66 units (-34% ROI). Interestingly enough, if I hadn’t backed him I would had broken even. Now, that the first losing month in 5, according to official results, so bad timing.

Jason James was also on the losing side, even if, thanks to a massive double, his official results will show profits.

Master Racing Tipster was the bright spot when it comes to horse racing with 38 units in (+26.4% ROI).

Golf (-5.16 units, -4.13% ROI)

Golf Betting Expert hit a 55 odds winner in the last tournamnet of the month, making the results for the two tipsters basically break even.

Other sports

Official results for Bookie Insiders Tennis will show green results, but mine does not (-22.5 units, -5.13%). There’s a lot af excotic bets from them that I simply cannot follow based on market availability. They also record their results based on bets odds available from one single bookis, which abbsolutely needs  to be taken into account.

Premier Greyhound Tips had a cracking month with 36.5 units in (+54.9% ROI). Superb results from 26 bets.

Not a lot of darts bets from On The Oche, which is pretty much expected. Better results are to be exected going forward though.

Results per tipster in Januari 2017
Results per tipster in Januari 2017

In other news…

I have an American tipster in the trials account under the radar. A very active tipster, or system rather, placing bets in NHL, NBA, NFL, NCAA, MLB and more. I’ll track them during February, and if taken into the portfolio will be the busiest tipster by far. Stay tuned.

My live bets showed a profit of 17.7 units (+9.14% ROI), which makes me even more confident that my live betting systems are working quite ok.

All my bets are tracked at bettin.gs/samuelericson.

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