July – December 2016: +210 units (+2,98% ROI)

A decent end to the year after all. If it hadn’t been for a heavy November, things would be pretty much on target. Anyway, good signs showing for 2017.

I’ve been doing some cleaning up lately, and I’m planning to be more conservatieve when it comes to new tipsters and will use my paralell trials-account at Bettin.gs to track those bets. I doubt there will be big changes in the portfolio at least during the start of 2017m but it will be interesting to see how much time that will be needed to keep the portfolio running in the current format. Might need to optimze that part to keep it at a managable level.


Overall a decent performance from all sports, football excluded. Didn’t expect horse racing to be so dominant when I started the portfolio, but there you go.


Sad to see Northern Monkey out of the portfolio, but that’s life for someone who can’t use bookmakers.

No doubt Niall Lyons and Premier Greyhond Tips will get back on track, and most of the red tipsters at the bottom are out.

The biggest loss comes from Winabobatoo, and as mentioned in the previous blog post, something needs to be done here.

The more the year passed, the more I felt confident with my betting and my routines (despite November) and I’m looking forward to the new year. I know whrn the tips arrive and how to get the best odds. It is a challenge though, being able to get on the adviced odds at some of the most prominent tipsters. We’ll see how it goes in 2017.

My own bets

I’m hoping (but not really believing in) to get more private bets placed, particularily in-play. I have found a few successful strategies that I’m certain will make me money, but I need to find the time to see more live games, which is not an easy task while running a business and having a 1-year old litte girl at home. The ROI looks good though, and I hope to keep it around 5-10% in the future as well.

Here’s to the new year!

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