December review: +121 units (+9.17% ROI)

Back in winning ways in a pretty strange month. The biggest take away is those massive golf bets that ended the golfing year with 200 units in profit for Decenber, making up for many other tipsters.

Golf  betting pretty much saved the month, meaning most other sports kept struggling. Most problematic is football, where my systems based on the Winabobatoo data are just not working at the moment.

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Stats per sport December 2016

Football (-48.7 units)

Mr Odds is doing just fine with 38 units (+36% ROI) in profit this month, but Winabobatoo is having a hard, hard time. It’s a strange season for the service, with stats actually working for them, but results against them. I feel the need to write a separate blog post about this and what I’m planning to do.

Horse Racing (-20.4 units)

Master Racing Tipster had a very nice month with almost 40 units in profit (+36.7% ROI), while Quentin Frank went pretty much break even and Jason James had the toughest month in a long time, showing a loss of 58.7 units (-17.2% ROI).

A new horse tipster is coming into the portfolio in 2017. More on that later.

Golf (+200 units)

Absolute top tipster award this month goes to Golf Betting Expert, finding a winner and a place in the last tournament of the season, which made the month ending in a nice profit.

Other sports

Not a lot of tennis bets this time of year (3 bets showed 10.4 units profit), but my new dart tipster On The Oche had a decent month in the PDC tournament, showing a profit of 2.7 units (+5.6% ROI) from 14 bets.

Greyhound racing made a great comeback from the recent downturn but still ending the month with a loss of 7.2 units (-6.8% ROI).

American Football also struggles this season and December showed a loss of 4.11 units (-9.12% ROI).

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Stats per tipster for December 2016

In other news… has had major overhaul during the holidays, making the site speedier and better to use than ever. Feel free to check it out.

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