Dark weekend. Or is it?

I was going to write something about the weekend being as dark as November was, but it’s not quite over yet so I’ll pass.

Instead, here’s a short analysis of two main tipsters contributing to the losses.

Jason James

Biggest downturn: 61 units (15-28 nov)
No wins on odds higher than 5 (average odds was 9.02)
Strike rate: 18 of 84 bets (21.4%)

Premier Greyhound Tips

Biggest downturn: 87 units (13-27 nov)
No wins on odds higher than 3 (average odds was 5.65)
Strike rate: 5 of 36 bets (13.9%)

Add to that 3 losing tipsters that I was a bit too quick to add to the portfolio (one of them hit two 11 and 21 oddser directly after I stopped following him btw) and you’ll get November.

There you go. When two very busy tipsters find a losing run at the same time as no one else over performs, this is what happens. Nothing out of plan really, just need to stay focused.

On to December!

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