Dark, Dark November: -184 units (-11.8%)

Funny things these, ups and downs. The last few months has shown steady profits, almost a little boring, with some tipsters performing well and others performing worse. In a portfolio like this, it evens out supposedly. Usually in the short run and definitely in the long run.

November was a terrible month for basically all tipsters though and that put my bankroll under pressure. Luckily for me is that runs like this is part of the plan. At least as long as they don’t come too often.

In review

Something I could had done to avoid it? Probably. I was pretty quick with replacing Northern Monkey with new, free tipsters, which is something I’ve now decided to revert. Partly because it’s too much work with more tipsters and partly because I’m not convinced they’d make my portfolio more profitable.

I’ve also put a little too many eggs in too few baskets, so I’m gonna reduce the stakes for the greyhound tipster a bit and spread the golf stakes more by adding another golf tipster.

New tipsters

Quentin Frank is replacing Northern Monkey. He’s another tipster from the Betting Gods network and has shown fine numbers and has great reviews from SBC.

I’m also adding thh golf tipster from Betting Gods to relieve Niall Lyons from having all the power. I’m dividing the current golf stakes between these two to reduce risk.

Here are the numbers from November.




Winabobatoo had a tough month after the fine start and the 30 bets there were doing no good. The greyhound tipster also had a very poor month and being relatively heavily weighted in the portfolio, it hit hard. Other than that, no luck with the new, replacing horse racing tipster that I might have been too fast with introducing.



The football honey moon is over for this time. Hoping the busy December in England will do me good instead.


Here’s to a brighter December!

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