October review: -38 units (-2,23% ROI)

I’ve had problems getting on the best odds for a few winning bets as well, which is something I need to think more about. I probably will have to do with second best odds sometimes to get not miss out of the falling odds completely.


Tough month, but to judge from other bettors I’m not the only one. Would be interesting to see over time if October is underperforming.

1687 units staked. A bit below the 2000 units target. Probably a good thing considering the results. The strike rate of 28% is a bit below the 30% treshold which is my goal.



This is a rare view. Football among the most successful sports. Hopefully this means I really have found an edge based on the Winabobatoo data that lets me find value, even if most of the Winabobatoo have had a tough start of the season. Too soon to draw any bigger conclusions though, but a nice start for sure.



This month sadly sees the end of one of my most reliable tipsters in the portfolio – Northern Monkey. Bets are too hard for me to get on at the exchanges and no option to play mutliples makes it impossible to continues. Highly recommend the service though.

Not a good start for the replacing free tipsters at SBC, who are all on minus this month. This is a rare case to judge from history though, so I’m not too worried.

Again, seeing a football service drive in most of the units is not a common sight.


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