Weekly review: +11.4 units (3.17% ROI)


A few decent units up in a week among others.

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Per sport

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Winabobatoo had a tough weekend footballwise, but I managed to pick a few winners during the week anyway. Hopefully that’s a sign that my selection process is working.

As you can seem the portfolio is growing in tipsters and some changes are still to come. I’m sad to say I need to cancel my subscription to Northern Monkey due to the fact that I’m forced to use exchanges only. It makes it too hard, basicall impossible, to get on his bets, primarily when it comes to anteposts and multiples, which is where is where he has much of his edge.

What I will do instead is to get two free tipsters from SBC onboard instead at a smaller stake. I’ve been tracking them privately for a while and they have a nice track record over at Secret Betting Club so I’m feeling confident there.

That also means I’m going to be sitting pretty happily on my current army of tipsters and not look for new ones for a while. I’m satisified with my current setup, and the recent results as well.

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All results available at bettin.gs/samuelericson as always. Cheers.

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    1. Yeah, some people call it points instead of units. 1 unit for me is about 0,1 % of my total bankroll with the current setup.

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