New tipster

After 1 month of trials, I’m ready to get Premier Greyhound Tips into the portfolio. The results have been impressive and I’m curious to get another sport into the portfolio, for two reasons:

  1. It seems good enough to pay 7-10% ROI, the selections are sent on predictable times together with decent reasoning.
  2. I need more sports to try out for To keep the service quality up, I need to use as many of the functions and services as all other users do, so this covers another angle of that. Greyhound markets are already available at of course.

I have another tipster on trial, as I’ve mentioned before, but need another month of verifying the service before getting on for real. They’ve had a real dip during September.

September review coming up shortly, by the way.

Update: There’s a more detailed review available at Tipster.Reviews.

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