Weekly review (+57.2 units)

It’s been an eventless ride for a couple of weeks, with all bets evening out almost on a daily basis. It was the exact opposite during the weekend though, with a big dip on Saturday and an even bigger winning day on Sunday.

All these ups and downs even out during a longer period of time though, and looking at the latest 4 months things are looking just as they should. Just look at this graph.



Anyway, here are the stats for last week – a very nice 22.75% ROI.

General stats Sept 25
General stats Sept 25


Kind of strange week, with the cornerstone tipsters Northern Monkey and Jason James having a hard time while golf tipster Niall Lyons had one of those weekends I’ve been waiting for so long.

Stats per tipster Sept 25.
Stats per tipster Sept 25.


Typical golf to have numbers like this in a weekly review. With a low hit rate like it usually is, it’s either heaven or hell. This week: heaven.

Stats per sport Sept 25.
Stats per sport Sept 25.

In other news…

The two tipsters I’ve been following lately are probably on the way in, at least one of them. Stay tuned. The portfolio is starting to be pretty busy…

All stats always available at my Bettin.gs page.

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