Monthly review August 2016 (+77.5 units)

An excellent second half of the month, with only 4 days not showing profit made August a very nice month to summarize. I’m getting into theĀ routines, feeling confident with all my current tipsters, I know where and when I should place the bets for the best result so all in all a very nice month. Kicking out all underperforming tipsters out is obviously showing results right away.

Result table
General betting results for August 2016.


Very glad Master Racing Tipster is back on track. Jason James had another stunning month, and Northern Monkey would have been back on plus had I only not missed a very lucrative double just the other day. Sloppy of me not to be able to place all bets, but thatĀ happens.

Tipsters table
Result from all tipsters in August 2016.

As you can see, there’s a new tipster suddenly in the list – Mr Odds. I haven’t had him on trial, since I know that he’s a very capable Swedish tipster that I’ve been following for a long time. I just noticed he started a new tipping service that I didn’t hesitate to sign up for, and so far he’s been delivering, mostly in the Swedish leagues.


Sports result table
Result per sport, Ausust 2016

Horse racing was the most successful sport, and that’s probably how it’s gonna look for a while, judging from previous results. Football season is ramping up, so I’m ready to get more active there as well during September.


I’ve got two service on trial at the moment. One tennis tipster with impressive results and one Greyhound tipster actually. I’ve been following them on, and now I’m trying out what it’s like to follow their tips. That’s something that’s pretty important, I’ve noticed. Are the tips easy to find? how are they delivered? Where do you find the market and odds? Result is the most important thing, but it isn’t everything.

As for, there’s also a point for me to follow as many different sports as possible, to cover as many of my users use cases as possible.

Probably gonna follow them throughout September and evaluate what to do then.

In other news…

My own 39 live bets, staking 147 units ended with a break-even.

All bets and results available on my profile.

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