Weekly review 8 Aug (+3.4 units)

One big day saved the entire betting week.

I mentioned the 25% hit rate in a recent blog post, explaining parts of the high and lows of betting on horse racing, golf and higher odds in general. This week was another interesting example of how I don’t need, or expect, to be profitable everyday to reach my betting goal in the long run.

Until Sunday, it’s been a pretty unsuccessful betting week with basically all tipsters showing small losses. Come Sunday, everyone nailed most of their bets. Even Master Racing Tipser, who got 3/3 and ended on a +35% ROI for the week. Hopefully this was the turning point for him.

Jason James hit the jackpot too, and again I missed out on a profitable double, but cest la vie. I was actually travelling during the weekend and had to throw in all bets in a haste as well, which probably cost med a few units by not getting the best odds. Typical.

No luck at all for golf bets unfortunately.

Anyway, ended the week on a high. My 8 personal live bets ended on 6% ROI from 40 units staked. This week is English football week. Good times.

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