Monthly review July (+77 units)

Despite being a summer month, it was one pretty much on target with +77 units and +10.4% ROI from 363 bets. Total stakes were 745 units, which is a little less than the 1000 I’m expecting monthly, but it’s summer season with very few football bets, plus I’ve made a few changes in the portfolio, so there’s nothing strange there.

The good thing is all horse racing tipsters but one are performing strongly again, so I’m confident in raising the stakes again soon. I’m also going to add Chasemaster to the portfolio after tracking the service for 52 bets, showing roughly +10% ROI during that time. It’s not a very busy service and I’m starting with low stakes, so it shouldn’t affect the overall performance that much, at least not to start with.

I’ve decided to join only one football service for the new season and that is Winabobatoo, where my plan is to use his True Odds ratings plus the new Traffick Light System to identlify value bets to either place pre-game, or to find positions to use while live trading. I feel it could be a very interesting football season, using both statistically confident numbers and my own judgement. There’s also the Away system, placing a few bets at high value away teams that look very interesting and that I’m thinking about following “blindly”.

Winabobatoo‘s football ratings won’t go into full swing until beginning of September though, so no action next month, even if seasons are starting.

When it comes to golf, I’m confident that the only golf tipster I follow knows what he’s talking about, so he offers excellent positions to trade from. Though I feel I need to be more active and use my live trading strategies to really maximize my golf betting. That will be a a goal for August!

Here are the results from July:

Horse Racing

Northern Monkey Punter: +65.9 units (+28.3% ROI) from 111 bets.
Jason James: +46.5 units (+17.5% ROI) from 104 bets.
Master Racing Tipster: -17.2 units (-21.6% ROI) from 64 bets.


Niall Lyons: -5.57 units (-6.07% ROI) from 42 bets.

In other news…

My personal football bets ended with -4.7 units (-5.74% ROI) from 37 bets. No real conclusions to draw there really, except that I’ve placed more  pre-game bets than usual but I don’t think that affected results much. It’s still live trading that’s my thing though.

My lack of bookie accounts and possibilities to place multiples might have cost me roughly 50 units this month. I’m not complaining about profits made, but it could have been more if I’d have access to a bookie.

My strike rate is 24.8%, which might seem low, but considering the sports I’m betting on I have no problem with that. Perhaps I should set a goal for what should be seen as expected in total and for the specific sports, though.

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