Weekly review 25 July (+2.3 units)


A small profit for the week, where Northern Monkey stood for all of the profit and a massive 79.4% ROI from his 20 bets. I’ve skipped the each way bets, placing win only bets, which counts for part of the success and I need to be aware that doing this will reduce the results when he´s not winning.

Jason James continues to struggle, but that’s nothing compared to how Master Racing Tipster is doing. Only 1 of his 15 latest bets has gone in! If I wasn’t on a lifetime subscription with him, I would definitely rethink his position in the portfolio.

Golf-wise, there was no success in the few bets Niall Lyons placed in teh Canadian Open, though I managed to get a live bet in for a unit of profit.

A bit minus on my personal bets, but nothing too serious. Looking forward to the football seasons starting again.

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