Weekly review 4 July (–21.7 units)

Just another week of ups and downs on all fronts. Nothing particular to take away from last week.

Football (–0.86 units)

18 bets in the euros, 14 of them live bets resulted in a tiny loss for the week. Most of the time it was smooth sailing, but I made a couple of bad decision in two Euro 2016 games, where I got over confident in the Italy quarter final and read the game completely wrong in the Iceland game (as did many others to be fair… 5–2, who would have thought?).

I actually placed two pre-game bets based on stats purely, which both won. This is not something I’m very comfortable doing, so not sure I will doing it anytime soon again though. We’ll see.

Horse Racing (–9.0 units)

Jason James had another poor week, but other than that it was decent results.

I will adjust the staking a bit going forward, making horse racing less risky by reducing the stakes. I will also start placing win bets only, unless the odds are extremely high, to make it easier to get prices matched at the exchanges. I will start using Smarkets more again, to take advantage of their 2% commission.

Jason James –31.0 units from 20 bets (–37.5% ROI)
Northern Monkey 13.9 units units from 19 bets ( 25.2% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster 2.36 units from 12 bets ( 8.43% ROI)

On the ”tracking only” side, Chasemaster has been on fire and has probably earned a spot in the official portfolio if they keep on delivering for another couple of weeks.

Golf (–9.22 units)

Not much exciting here. A 3-ball match bet won, but nothing else.

In other news…

I tried some simple tennis trading at Wimbledon and 3 bets there made 3.01 units in profit ( 23.1% ROI).

See all stats at my Bettin.gs stats page

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