Weekly review 27 June (+106 units)

Two amazing betting weeks, with both horse racing and golf tipsters delivering the goods.

Football (–0.3 units)

14 bets in the euros, 11 of them live bets resulted in a pretty much a status quo.

Small stakes all around and the results were ruined by a couple of poor bets, where one was an attempt to try the Lay the Draw strategy on a market that did not really suit the criteria. You live and you learn.

Horse Racing (+63.5 units)

Two fine weeks for both Northern Monkey Punter and Jason James. It’s been a while since they both delivered at the same time, so this was good. Jason James still states he performs sub-par so high hopes on that to improve even more.

NMP is the most reliable tipster I follow so no doubts there. Although, considering that I’m restricted to the exchanges only nowadays, I am considering going for win bets only, since those markets are easier to get decent prices at. Last season I remember he suggested it would probably be more profitable, though with higher risk of course. We shall see.

Master Racing Tipster meanwhile hit a low after having shaped up recently. Hoping to see him turn things turn around soon too. He’s been on a stand still from December, more or less.

Jason James +47.4 units from 36 bets (+32.6% ROI)
Northern Monkey +40.7 units units from 43 bets (+31.2% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster –24.6 units from 23 bets (–50.2% ROI)

Not in the portfolio, but tracking:

Mystery Tipster has ended the service after being unable to turn his miserable form of results around. Just as good. Chasemaster has ended his honeymoon too?

Chasemaster –4.5 units from 9 bets (–41.0% ROI)

I’ve got some other tipsters coming in here too, but to save time I won’t post all results going forward but just the tipsters standing out in one way or another.

Golf (+42.4 units)

Niall Lyons nailed a winner last week and a bunch of extra bets this week. Results had been even better if I had been able to use bookies to play the multiples system he was suggesting.

In other news…

Going into the final weeks of the Euros, I’m hoping to be able to spend some more time with live trading and also have a look at other football markets pre game.

See all stats at my Bettin.gs stats page.

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