Weekly review 13 June (+37 units)

Although the Euros are here with loads of betting opportunities (I’ve seen all games so far), I haven’t placed many bets yet. I’m choosing to think that’s a smart thing to do. Sometimes the best bet is no bet.

Football (+4.4 units)

The Euros have started, and I’ve placed 2 live bets there so far. Both winners, so 4.44 units in (+111% ROI).

Horse Racing (+32.6 units)

Northern Monkey had an amazing week and Master Racing Tipster finally had a winning one. Hopefully this will be the turning point for everyone. Jason James saved the week from a total disaster with a nice weekend, so perhaps he’s on the way up as well.

Jason James –10.7 units from 28 bets (–10.9% ROI)
Northern Monkey –38.6 units units from 11 bets (+126% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster 4.72 units from 13 bets (+15.7% ROI)

Not in the portfolio, but tracking:
Mystery Tipster –6 units from 4 bets (–100% ROI)
Chasemaster –2 units from 2 bets (–100% ROI)


No bets this week.

In other news…

See all stats at bettin.gs/samuelericson/stats.

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