Weekly review 6 June (–76.1 units)

I keep reminding myself these tipsters make me money long term. Long term. Long term.

Football (+0.66 units)

Quite week, but 4 bets resulted in 0.66 units up (an ROI of 12.54%).

Horse Racing (–64.3 units)

All tipsters had a total shit week. No more, no less. Just crap.

Jason James –34.3 units from 28 bets (–34.3% ROI)
Northern Monkey –12.5 units units from 15 bets (–28.1% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster –17.5 units from 12 bets (–67.2% ROI)

Not in the portfolio, but tracking:

Mystery Tipster –14.5 units from 14 bets (–76.3% ROI)
Chasemaster –3.5 units from 9 bets (–35.0% ROI)

Golf (–12.5 units)

Not a single unit in this week again. What’s even more worrying is that he’s been totally off in a couple of bets with his favourites finishing dead last at a couple of occasions.

Niall Lyons –12.5 units from 6 bets (–100% ROI)

In other news…

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