Monthly review May 2016 (-194 units)

Another disastrous month. Cant wait for things to turn around. The services that kept me afloat before are now dragging me down!

Football (+8.8 units)

Football Elite, and old tipsters that I followed while he was placing some ante-post bets earned 1.58 units from 11 bets. Nothing to write home about…

Other than that, I was lucky enough to stop following my regular tipsters at this stage at the month. Fink Tank had a weak, weak ending to the season for example.

Next season will be one without football tipsters as it seems, and I will focus more on my own trading, which has proven to be pretty successful. Last month showed a profit of 11.4 units (+26.3% ROI), so… There you go.

Horse Racing (–146.7 units)

Total disaster, which resulted in kicking Mystery Tipser out of the portfolio after a loss of -37.9 units from 28 bets (–49.9% ROI). I thought he was gonna turn it around, but no sign of that. Until I kicked him out that is, I’m still tracking his bets at the side.

Jason James showed a loss of –18.8 units from 117 bets (–3.95% ROI).

Northern Monkey ended at –32.9 units units from 73 bets (–17.11% ROI).

Master Racing Tipster wit a massive –57.1 units lost from 59 bets (–36.8% ROI) was the biggest reason to the sad result this month, as I’ve since reduced the stakes at his bets a little, until he regains form.

Golf (–57.3 units)

A very expensive month for golfing as well, showing a loss of –56.8 units (–59.8% ROI) from 36 bets. Niall Lyons didn’t seem to be able to hit a barn door with a putter this month. The strike rate was just 5.56%!

In other news…

My 33 live bets for all sports showed a profit of 12 units (+14.1% ROI). Ice hockey world championships live bets showed 1.47 units in profit from 13 bets (+3.59% ROI).

I’ve also gotten kicked out from my last bookie now, so gonna keep with Betfair for the foreseeable future. A bit worried that that could impact my results negatively without the options and the BOG prices.

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