Weekly review 30 May


Weekly review 20 May (+0.6 units)

I will do a monthly review on Wednesday June 1st.

Football (+2.3 units)

Looking forward to Copa America and the Euro’s now. Planning to do quite some trading there to try out a few strategies.

2 personal live bets (one trade) made 2.3 units (+35.8% ROI) this week.

Horse Racing (–3.64 units)

Wow, Northern Monkey. I wonder if he has ever had a worse week. Surely not since I started following the service.

Jason James had a great Monday and a poor rest of the week.

Funny how the tipsters I’m not placing money at are actually performing quite well. Chase master looks like a hot prospect.

Jason James 33.6 units from 28 bets (+31.5% ROI)

Northern Monkey –33.1 units units from 15 bets (–71.6% ROI)

Master Racing Tipster –4.1 units from 15 bets (–12.1% ROI)

Not in the portfolio, but tracking:

Mystery Tipster +0.75 units from 8 bets (+5.77% ROI)

Chasemaster 11.7 units from 7 bets (+97.2% ROI)

Golf (+1.97 units)

Niall Lyons found a winner in Jordan Spieth, which was a single bet that saved his week.

Niall Lyons +1.97 units from 10 bets (+7.29% ROI)

In other news…

It’s kind of strange, but I’ve been limited at Bet365 as well in the middle of this massive losing streak. This actually makes my switch to Betfair and alike easier.

See all stats at bettin.gs/samuelericson/stats.

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