Absolute nightmare.

After the tough winter months, where my top horse racing tipsters kept me afloat, I’ve now kicked out all losing tipsters and suddenly these reliable tipsters are having their worst months ever. I don’t know if someone’s trying to tell me something, but personally I don’t know if I’m supposed to laugh or cry about it.

Well, seriously I know that I just need to ride out the storm, but it’s tough times for the portfolio for sure.

At least my personal bets are consistently showing a profit.

Here are the results from last week.

Football (+0.08 units)

Just 16 bets, mostly old ante post bets that are getting settled now that’s the seasons are over. Old tipster Football Elite were showing a profit there for a while but it turns out he also ended in the red once all his season bets were settled (I haven’t followed this tipster in a long time…).

Horse Racing (–94.3 units)

I’m very, very close to kicking Badrinath out after another disastrous week (–76.6% ROI). I’ve reduced the stake to a minimum, but I can’t possibly see him coming back. He had a sensational start last year, but have a look at this graph to see his ROI since. Not much winning since August.

Badrinath ROI
ROI of Badrinath since inception (February 2015)

What’s worse is that Jason James had such a bad week. Down almost 65 units (–64.4% ROI) from 25 bets. That has never happened before, and I’m hoping it was a temporary setback. It was due though – his previous performance has showed a lot.

Master Racing Tipster is in the red once again and so was Northern Monkey, who had a relatively quiet week.

Jason James –64.7 units from 25 bets (–64.4% ROI)

Northern Monkey –11.3 units units from 15 bets (–28.3% ROI)

Master Racing Tipster –6.0 units from 14 bets (–13.4% ROI)

Mystery Tipster –12.3 units from 10 bets (–76.6% ROI)

Golf (–23.5 units)

Absolutely nothing in return for Niall Lyons again. No disaster not to show profit for his outright bets, but he wasn’t really close and what’s worse is that is side bets, that I invest more heavily in, are hitting absolutely nothing at the moment.

Niall Lyons –23.5 units from 8 bets (–100% ROI)

In other news…

My 14 live bets showed a profit of 4.1 units (+13.2% ROI). 7 of them from football (4.9 units, +36% ROI) and 7 from the ice hockey world championships showing –0.8 units (–4.6% ROI) after a poor Sunday.

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