Weekly review 9 May (-18.7 units)

Graph of last week's profit.

It feels like the portfolio is getting thinner each month as underperforming tipsters are getting cleansed out and the remaining tipsters seem to be divided between consistenly top performing ones and the rest, going up and down. The latter has been a lot of down recently and I’m gonna adjust the weight of those from this week.

Meanwhile, my live trading are continuosly on the plus side which makes mew more and more confident I should spend more energy on that.

Here are the results from last week.

Football (+9.3 units)

No bets from my tipsters in the portfolio since a while back. The numbers from last week comes from an antepost from a former member of the portfolio, Football Elite (+6.5 units from 3 antepost bets), and my own live trading (+2.8 units from 5 bets).

Horse Racing (-9.35 units)

Master Racing Tipster and Mystery Tipster har underperforming and I’m gonna reduce the stakes on those two. How you can manage a hit rate of roughly 10% with odds ranging betweeen 2-5 is beyond me…

Jason James +37.1 units from 25 bets (+36.7% ROI)
Northern Monkey +14.0 units units from 17 bets (+31.3% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster -27.4 units from 11 bets (-76.2% ROI)
Mystery Tipster -33.0 units from 10 bets (-73.3% ROI)

Golf (-19.9 units)

No luck for Niall Lyons this week with -21 units as none of his bets in two competitons returned a profit.

I did some live trading though and managed to get a 1.17 units win.

In other news…

  • My 3 live ice hockey picks from the IIHF World Cup showed a win of 1.26 units (+12% ROI).
  • I’ve been suspended from BetVictor, so I’m basically down to one bookie (Bet365) outside the exchanges.

See all stats at bettin.gs/samuelericson/stats.

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