Monthly review April (-259 units)

Graph: Betting results April 2016

Oh dear. What was supposed to be the fresh new start without the losing football tipsters turned out to be the worst month in history for horse racing tipsters. It seems like every single one of them found a new low at the same time, and at the worst time at that.

I thought the downturn had ended but it pulled the portfolio even further down. Here are the depressing results from April.

Football (-107.8 units)

Even though I don’t bet for the last 5 rounds of the season, I still had time for no less than 122 bets, which resulted in a massive loss. Honestly, I don’t think I would have managed to find so poor selections even if I tried it myself. Totally bonkers. Thank God the season is over soon.

Fink Tank -54 units from 33 bets (-69.5% ROI)
Winabobatoo -66 units from 44 bets (-50.5% ROI)
Football Investor -3.2 units from 23 bets (-4.43% ROI)

Ironically my own live trading ended in a plus (+15 units, +24% ROI), which make me even more confident in dumping football services the next season and focus on trading myself.

Horse Racing (-177 units)

As stated, all of them found a new low at the same time. Much is to blame on the weather, and both Northern Monkey and Jason James were due for a downturn, but still… All of them, at once?

Jason James -51.2 units from 111 bets (-12.8% ROI)
Northern Monkey -56.2 units units from 97 bets (-22.7% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster -22.2 units from 43 bets (-16.1% ROI)
Mystery Tipster -48.1 units from 57 bets (-22.6% ROI)

Golf (+16.5 units)

Niall Lyons had a nice month with an ROI of 17,5%. I believe it could be even better if I hadn’t been to busy to get on his bets the last weekend, where he found one placed player at nice odds. Wouldn’t have made a big difference, and I’m still happy that someone is performing in the portfolio.

In other news…

  • My 29 live  picks for all sports showed a profit of 25,1 units (+26,4% ROI)

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