Weekly review 18 April (+59.4 units)

Graph: Bettin.gs stats for April 18

Small change in the format this week as I’m publishing units as a primary measurement. I think that says a little bit easier to compare from week to week, even if the ROI (and the ROC) is the most interesting measurements in the long run.

Here are the results from last week.

Football (+1.98 units)

A decent week, for once. perhaps thanks to sticking to the systems instead of just tipsters? Or perhaps thanks to my own live bets. This is actually something I consider doing more actively – for example, once one of the underdogs take an early lead, get in and lay the underdog to secure profit.

Fink Tank -12.0 units from 13 bets (-39.2% ROI)
Winabobatoo -9.1 units from 15 bets (-19.8% ROI)
Football Investor +15.2 units from 4 bets (+102% ROI)

My own live trading: +7.9 units from 2 bets, which is what turned the loss into profit with barely no risk.

Horse Racing (+15.2 units)

The advantage of following multiple tipsters – only Master Racing Tipster made a profit, but it was big enough to cover the others for a total ROI of +9,78%.

Jason James -3.2 units from 16 bets (-5.77% ROI)
Northern Monkey -1.78 units units from 17 bets (-3.66% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster +25.7 units from 7 bets (+122% ROI)
Mystery Tipster -5.51 units from 10 bets (-18.4% ROI)

Golf (+37.5 units)

Niall Lyons found a winner this weekend and secured an ROI of 153%. It’s always high numbers when that happens and even though the weeks in between could feel depressing, it’s nice to know that golf betting is still clearly in the green.

In other news…

  • My 3 live ice hockey picks from Swedish playoffs showed a win of 4.75 units (+47.5% ROI)

See all stats at bettin.gs/samuelericson/stats.

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