Graph: Stats March 2016

Review March 2016 (-2.28%)

Last “official” month of my first year running this portfolio. A summary of the year is coming up. Easy to say, this month illustrates pretty clearly why I’m cutting two more services and relying more and more on the horse racing services.

Skipping Soyloco and PCG before this month would have meant 150 units more in the books!

Here are the results from March.

Football (+0.64% ROI)

Suberb month for my English football system, but Jesus fucking Christ I wish I hadn’t joined Soyloco. That busy service had a lousy month a ruined every chance of winning this month. Luckily, that service is no more for me so here’s to hoping the English system can continue to deliver.

To be honest, I’m not sure that it’s been performing well enough looking over the season as a whole, but I’ll stay away from making any judgement until the season is over.

Fink Tank +38.1 units from 17 bets (+97.8% ROI)
Winabobatoo +34.4 units from 43 bets (+32.2% ROI)
Football Investor +13.7 units from 29 bets (+11.2% ROI)
Soyloco -79.4 units from 88 bets (-22.9% ROI)

Horse Racing (+7.4% ROI)

If numbers looked like this every month, I would be very happy. Only Master Racing Tipster dipping, all other performed according to plan. More of this please!

Jason James +51.5 units from 100 bets (+13.4% ROI)
Northern Monkey +48.2 units units from 139 bets (+15.3% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster -44.5 units from 41 bets (-28.0% ROI)
Mystery Tipster +12.7 units from 39 bets (+8.2% ROI)

Golf (-100% ROI)

It’s been a while since the last winning pick now. Step it up, please.

Niall Lyons -29.3 units from 16 bets (-79.6% ROI)

American spoorts (-22.0% ROI)

The last update from PCG shows why I’m out of patience with these picks for now, even with baseball season about to start.

ProComputerGambler NHL -58.8 units (-27.1% ROI)
ProComputerGambler NBA -30.1 units (-16.1% ROI)

In other news…

  • My 16 live picks from this month showed a loss of 4.32 units (-9.29% ROI)
  • I’m counting on increasing my live betting and trading as I cut more services from the portfolio. Read more about that in my upcoming yearly review.

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