Weekly review 28 March (+3.86% ROI)

Graph: Weekly review 28 March

A pretty solid (some might say boring) week, 12.8 units up, with Northen Monkey the only service not reaching up to standards. Not many football bets this calm Easter, which felt pretty good. Soyloco exits the portfolio with another losing week and it feels good starting a new month without it.

April 1 means one year of running this attempt of a portfolio and I’m gonna do a write-up of the things I’ve learnt and all the ups and downs. It’s probably be gonna be at least as interesting for me as for anyone else reading. Suffice to say is that I’ve went through a lot of tipsters not up to standards for staying in, and that I’m confident in the ones I’ve decided to keep for the new year. But that’s for next post.

Here are the results for last week.

Football (-14.9% ROI)

Soyloco out from now on, which means another footie service out the window. Turns out football betting is hard.

Fink Tank -2.5 units from 1 bet (-100% ROI)
Winabobatoo -2 units from 1 bets (-100% ROI)
Football Investor 0 units from 0 bets
Soyloco -6 units from 16 bets (-9.09% ROI)

Horse Racing (+14.0% ROI)

Northern Monkey’s had a tougher week following Cheltenham, but other than that the week ended in positive numbers.

Jason James +13.5 units from 22 bets (16.7% ROI)
Northern Monkey -30.7 units units from 27 bets (-37.7% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster +16.2 units from 8 bets (44.9% ROI)
Mystery Tipster +35.8 units from 11 bets (70.3% ROI)

Golf (-100% ROI)

Not much luck this week either for mr Lyons…

Niall Lyons -7.5 units from 3 bets (-100% ROI)

In other news…

  • It was a crazy slow week in which I placed only one live bet and that showed a loss of 4 units.
  • I’ve started using Smarkets as an alternative to Betfair and so far it seems like a very viable option in which the commission is just 2%.

See all stats at bettin.gs/samuelericson/stats.

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