Weekly review 21 March (-10% ROI)

Graph: Weekly results for 20 March 2016

Cheltenham with the busy Northern Monkey Punter was the bright spot in an in all other ways a dark week. Here are the full results.

Football (-26% ROI)

Sadly, Soyloco keeps losing money and he’ll be out of the portfolio once the month is over.

Fink Tank -9 units from 4 bets (-100% ROI)
Winabobatoo -9.4 units from 8 bets (-42.7% ROI)
Football Investor +2 units from 4 bets (+11.4% ROI)
Soyloco -10.6 units from 16 bets (-16.6% ROI)

Horse Racing (+0.26% ROI)

Northern Monkey’s job during the Cheltenham festival payed off, while we at the same time saw a rare drawdown from Jason James. Master Racing Tipster and Mystery Tipster have been underperforming for a long time and one of them is on the way out.

Jason James -40.1 units from 27 bets (-36.6% ROI)
Northern Monkey +56.3 units units from 69 bets (+40.1% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster -15 units from 10 bets (-38.5% ROI)
Mystery Tipster -1.5 units from 8 bets (-5% ROI)

American Sports (-42.4% ROI)

The only upside from these bets is that the NBA and NHL season is over soon. I’m probably not sticking around that long though, not even for MLB.

ProComputerGamber NHL -12.6 units from 17 bets (-48.6% ROI)
ProComputerGamber NBA -9.71 units from 12 bets (-39.4% ROI)

Golf (-24.4% ROI)

Niall Lyons -4 units from 2 bets (-100% ROI)

In other news…

  • My own live bets showed a tiny, tiny profit of 0.1 unit from 6 bets.

See all stats at bettin.gs/samuelericson/stats.

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