Weekly review 13 March (-18.1 % ROI)

Graph: Weekly betting review 13 Mar

Not a lot to cheer  about last week. Here are the full results.

Football (-18.8% ROI)

I’m very happy with how the systems are performing at the moment. Sadly, I decided to start following Soyloco who’s BLEEDING money and ruining everything. Unless this trend turns, it’s gonna be a very short presence from this service in the portfolio.

Fink Tank +6.72 units from 4 bets (+74.5% ROI)
Winabobatoo +12.64 units from 16 bets (+29.4% ROI)
Football Investor +4.45 units from 12 bets (+8.9% ROI)
Soyloco -39.6 units from 21 bets (-39.6% ROI)

Horse Racing (-20.1% ROI)

A strange week for horse racing, where Master Racing Tipster showed a big loss and the others very small. Next week is Cheltenham festival, which I have very big hopes for.

Jason James -6.1 units from 20 bets (-7.8% ROI)
Northern Monkey -0.07 units units from 17 bets (-0.22% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster -28.8 units from 10 bets (-73.2% ROI)
Mystery Tipster -1.38 units from 8 bets (-4.6% ROI)

American Sports (-17.2% ROI)

The losing run continues. Ironically (or not) enough I missed one night of betting, where 5/6 bets went in.

ProComputerGamber NHL -19.2 units from 17 bets (-27.9% ROI)
ProComputerGamber NBA -2.98 units from 12 bets (-4.96% ROI)


Just poor performance from start to finish this week.

Niall Lyons -17.75 units from 11 bets (-70.3% ROI)

In other news…

  • My own 3 live bets showed a loss: -4.3 units.

See all stats at bettin.gs/samuelericson/stats.

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