Monthly review Feb 2016 (+1.17%)

Portfolio graph February 2016

Considering the recent results, I’m happy to report I’m back in the winning ways. Not a lot, but still winning. There are also promising developments in both football systems and horse racing forms and at the same time I’ve cleaned out the worst performing tipsters.

Here are the full results.

Football (-8.19% ROI)

Fink Tank and Winabobatoo are still suffering from the nightmare months that have been, but it’ll be interesting to see how March goes for them now that the luck seems to have turned. The first month for Soyloco shows a small loss.

Fink Tank -18.4 units from 29 bets (-27.5% ROI)
Winabobatoo 26.7 units from 48 bets (-21.79% ROI)
Football Investor +6.83 units from 25 bets (+6.07% ROI)
Soyloco -3.97 units from 87 bets (-2.25% ROI)

Horse Racing (+11.0% ROI)

An absolutely fantastic month for the horse racing tipsters, and hopes are it’ll stay on the upside now that the weakest members of the portfolio have been excluded.

Jason James +63.8 units from 82 bets (+22.3% ROI)
Northern Monkey +73.3 units units from 55 bets (+58.6% ROI)
Master Racing Tipster +10.2 units from 33 bets (+9.11% ROI)
Mystery Tipster +6.91 units from 35 bets (+7.6% ROI)
Tom Nelson Racing -40 units from 70 bets (-25.7% ROI)
Chris Patti -24 units from 48 bets (-50.1% ROI)

Tom Nelson Racing (trial) and Chris Patti have now been removed from the portfolio.

American Sports

chrisiwygs antepost NFL bets showed a delightful profit. Other than that, grinding as usual.

ProComputerGamber NHL -12.9 units from 60 bets (-4.11% ROI)
ProComputerGamber NBA +3.97 units from 44 bets (+1.78% ROI)
chrisiwyg’s NFL +28.8 units from 4 bets (+228% ROI)


Poor, poor month for golf. Luckily mr. Lyon is still on plus over time, but to reduce swings like these. I’m going to adjust the staking on these events to try to avoid too heavy losses and a smoother ride forward.

Niall Lyons -44.5 units from 29 bets (-42.6% ROI)

In other news…

  • My own 12 live bets showed a loss of 4.7 units (-12.6% ROI)
  • The most popular odds interval was 3.00-5.00 and was also the most successful one, where 143 won units came from. An ROI of 30%.
  • Bet365 was the only bookie that returned a profit (97 units and an ROI of 22.6%).

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