Weekly review 29 Feb (+5,69% ROI)

A great week for football, where everything worked pretty much as I’m wanting it to. The selections performed very well and at the same time a bunch of losers were filtered out.

Horse racing and NBA were also winners, while NHL and golf went minus this week. Full results below:


Fink Tank -3.4 units from 13 bets
Winabobatoo +18.4 units from 16 bets
Football Investor +22.5 units from 5 bets
Soyloco -2.45 units from 17 bets

Horse Racing

Jason James -3.06 units from 21 bets
Northern Monkey +27.9 units from 11 bets
Master Racing Tipster -16.5 units from 6 bets
Mystery Tipster +13.1 units from 10 bets

Tom Nelson Racing (trial) and Chris Patti has been removed from the portfolio.

American Sports

ProComputerGamber NHL -13.5 units from 14 bets
ProComputerGamber NBA +10.7 units from 15 bets


Niall Lyons -35 units from 9 bets

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